71/∞ B&W Edits of 김종인
71/ B&W Edits of 김종인


Chen trolling the MC @Weekly Idol

chanyeol trying to show chen something

chanyeol trying to show chen something

Minjung is back. (✿◠‿◠)

방용빵빵 | Do not edit.
방용빵빵 | Do not edit.

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When Suho introducing himself in Chinese and Japanese

SeKai running off into the sunset

  • before shaving my legs: i don't want to no they're not thAT PRICKLY ITS FINE I'LL JUST WEAR SWEAT PANTS FOREVER NOBODY WILL TOUCH MY LEGS ANYWAY I H A T E S H A V I N G
  • after shaving my legs: praise jesus i am such a sexual creature everyone should be stroking my legs why didn't i do this earlier everythinG IS AMAZING